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007 to get a new "M" after Judi Dench departure in Skyfall?

Skyfall spoiler alert! What has been rumored for a number of months now, apparently, will become reality when Dame Judi Dench, the M we have come accustomed to since her initial appearance in the 1995 James Bond film, GoldenEye, meets her death. With Skyfall set to be her 7th film as James Bond’s boss, Dench […]

Steven Moffat on upcoming DW 7 in NY

Downton Abbey 3 – a mere 9 months away in the U.S. (5 months in the UK)

Downton Abbey 3 Spoiler Alert! January 2013 sounds like a long way away, but its really not. Even Fall 2012 sounds far off for the UK premiere of the most popular drama to hit ITV and PBS in more years that I can remember. It’s been too long since the local chapter of the Downton […]

Jeremy Piven to trade Ari Gold for Harry Selfridge?

In Entourage, Jeremy Piven was the epitome of the arrogant Hollywood movie agent. The 3-time Emmy award winner for Best Supporting Actor for his brilliant portrayal of Ari Gold, Piven is now rumored to be trading in the ‘lunch in LA, dinner in NYC’ lifestyle to take the role of American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge, […]

28 days to Sherlock 2 on PBS, but who's counting?

Historically, Webster defines Sherlock as follows: sher·lock (noun, often capitalized ) ˈshər-ˌläk, -lək: detective Telly audiences, however, know better. The definition of Sherlock is: brilliance. U.S. viewers have waited a long, long time for Sunday, 6 May. We’re inside a month now as, officially, it’s 28 days until the premiere of the second series of […]

Vicar of Dibley – Easter, part 3


Doctor Who 'gold' from College Humor

Hard to believe, but there are a few lost souls out there that have not seen or heard of the greatness of Doctor Who. Whether you are part of that small group that, after 48+ years, are still not completely convinced that the series will last and have yet to jump on the TARDIS bandwagon, […]

Vicar of Dibley – Easter, part 2


Vicar of Dibley – Easter, part 1


Save Downton Arbys!

For more years than I can remember, PBS has been on the receiving end of their fair share of parodies. Some good, some bad. Some, however, are too good not to share. The brilliant silver lining thing about being the butt of a parody is that you have something worth parodying. Enter Downton Abbey. This […]