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Despite production delay, Sherlock 3 on schedule for 2013 tx

The 21st century world of Twitter and Facebook, in most cases, can be a good thing unless an innocent bit of information leads to an endless amount of speculation that has no basis in reality. Such was the case recently when it was announced by the producers of Sherlock that production filming, originally scheduled to begin in January 2013, would now begin in March, due to the fact that the two principle stars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, seem to be involved with most films currently in production on the planet. The delay heard round the world caused widespread panic and thoughts that with production delays come transmission delays, pushing the proposed Fall 2013 transmission to 2014, most likely. Finally taking to Twitter where the point of the message was easily composed in under 140 characters, Sherlock producer, Sue Vertue, had this to say to clarify the situation and end rampant speculation…

As was pointed out by Patty, longtime reader of Tellyspotting and one who consistently keeps me on my toes every day, Sherlock, as brilliant as it is, is not The Hobbit or Star Trek, both of which need a year of CGI post-production. Sherlock is brilliant because of the writing, the editing, the direction and the cast…no need for a year of CGI post-production. So, until I hear differently, I’m believing Sue and setting my DVR for Fall 2013 for the premiere of Sherlock 3.