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Downton Abbey’s Lily James goes from Lady Rose to Cinderella

If you’re Lily James, it’s a long, long way from her accustomed upstairs Lady Rose lifestyle in Downton Abbey to her newest poor servant girl covered in ashes ‘downstairs’ lifestyle in Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella. Ok, there was that one time she did wear that downstairs maid outfit in series four when she met up with […]

Idris Elba wants more ‘Luther’ on both sides of the pond

While one of the darkest, grittiest series on telly decides just how it will return in the future, Deadline.com is reporting that Idris Elba, who starred as DCI John Luther in the original British version, has signed on as an Executive Producer for a possible American re-make on Fox.   More importantly, regarding the future […]

Harry Pearce returns to the grid in ‘Spooks: The Greater Good’

Television is a funny piece of furniture. There are times when a series comes to an end and you know it’s time for it to go before it passes its sell-by date. Sadly, there are times, more often than not, that you think a series should come to an end yet it continues for several more seasons. There are those magical times, however, where you endlessly wish a series would go on forever but instead it comes to an all-ends-nicely-tied-up ending. The last scenario, for me, would define my thoughts on Spooks or MI-5 as it was titled in America, which went out on a perfect note in 2011.

Goodnight, Teddington: Iconic British comedy studio set for demolition

In the ‘let’s tear things down that have a history attached to it and build something that will make a lot more money’ era that we all seem to live in, it was bound to happen, unfortunately. Following on the heels of the recent closure of BBC Television Centre, Teddington Studios, the home for years to Thames Television and where much of the magic happened during Britain’s Golden Age that has been seen by generations of television viewers, is set for demolition in the not-too-distant future.

Benedict Cumberbatch – A to Z

With an Oscar caliber performance just around the corner in which he plays Alan Turing in The Imitation Game, Benedict Cumberbatch is more than just a household name. He’s a fixture. Not only has the star of Sherlock dominated the small screen with award-winning performances in both the BBC/PBS 21st century adaptation of the world’s most famous consulting detective and as a military officer in HBO’s Parade’s End, the big screen (The Hobbit, 12 Years a Slave, War Horse, Tinker Tailor, Star Trek Into Darkness), the stage (Frankenstein) and radio where, for the 70th anniversary of Normandy landings during World War II, he read the original radio bulletins from June 1944 for BBC Radio 4, he has three films coming out between now and the end of the year.

It’s “Christmas at Downton Abbey” just in time for the holidays

I know, I’m going against my better judgement and have succumbed to the unthinkable by discussing Christmas before Thanksgiving, but this is too good to pass up. As the UK has all but put a lid on the 5th series of Downton Abbey with only the Christmas episode to go, it’s now all about American […]

‘The Wrong Mans’ set for Dec 24 return

The Wrong Mans Rule #1 – After witnessing a horrific car crash on a desolate country road, never EVER answer the dead driver’s ringing mobile. If only Sam Pinkett had read rule #1.

U.S. ‘IT Crowd’ won’t be gathering Moss 2nd time around

While IT Crowd series creator/writer, Graham Linehan, has made his best attempt to calm any well-deserved fears by assuring adoring fans through Twitter that “we will get it right this time” and that it will retain the essence of the original show, Richard Ayoade, who played Moss in the original Channel 4 UK version, will not reprise his role as he did in NBC’s original attempt.

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s the first glimpse of the ‘Doctor Who Christmas Special’

I know, Halloween is barely in our rear viewer mirror and Thanksgiving is still several weeks away, but it’s time to talk Christmas! Doctor Who Christmas to be exact. While fans who have been following the series closely were privy to the knowledge that Nick Frost would be playing Santa Claus, as it real-life, no […]

Bill Nighy returns to the grid for another PBS ‘Masterpiece’

While there will forever be the inevitable comparison to the greatness of the Cornetto Trilogy, the Worricker Trilogy may just have a minor leg up given the insanely brilliant combination of Bill Nighy and Christopher Walken. As we reported earlier this month, The Worricker Trilogy, which began with Page Eight, is set to continue tomorrow […]