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Downton Abbey 5 – Drama, drama and more drama headed our way

Lots of questions to be answered one week from tonight in the UK when Planet Earth’s favorite British period drama, Downton Abbey returns to the small screen with the premiere of series 5. Filming has concluded, it’s now Downton Time in the UK. Now that we are inside one week, Chloe Fox from the Telegraph […]

A bit of blooper gold from ‘Sherlock’

There are times when you wade through the Internets where you wonder just even if its just for a brief moment who are all these people that have all this free time to both upload things on YouTube and to also watch the endless cat videos uploaded from that particular day. There are those times, […]

George Clooney to get some face time on ‘Downton Abbey’ – well, sort of

Ellie Walker-Arnott of Radio Times reports today of what seems to be turning out to be closer to fact than fiction concerning that little British period drama we all know as Downton Abbey.   The definite ‘fact’ part of equation which everyone confirms is that George Clooney visited Highclere Castle back in May of this […]

The Dowager Countess schools Isobel Crawley in the concept of ‘what men want’

As Downton Abbey Nation inches ever so close to the 21 September premiere on ITV, nothing but video greatness is coming out of the ITV Press Centre to promote the forthcoming series 5 premiere.

Downton Abbey’s Mrs. Hughes headed upstairs to guest star on ‘Bones’

As has been the case since day one of Downton Abbey, the cast does their best to live up to the label of ‘hardest working group in show business’. Let’s just say they don’t idly sit by waiting for filming of the next series to begin. Many head to the West End for a little […]

Avengers’ Loki takes to the stage to prepare for Hank Williams biopic

As we reported earlier, Tom Hiddleston (Thor, Avengers) will be lending his monster acting and, now, singing talents to the upcoming film, I Saw The Light. While Hiddleston is no stranger to belting out tunes, his role as the ‘King of the Hillbillies’ may be a bit of a challenge as he will not only […]

Will the dreaded street sign ruin this historic film location?

Michael Wilkinson from the Telegraph has uncovered some bad things happening in the sleepily little town of Corsham in Wiltshire. The famous High Street in Corsham was recently home to the forthcoming BBC re-boot of Poldark, starring Aidan Turner.

‘Mr. Selfridge’ adds (and subtracts) cast for series 3

As Planet Earth awaits the excruciatingly long-overdue return of Downton Abbey, lets not forget what’s on the horizon in early 2015 with the return of Mr. Selfridge, starring Jeremy Piven as Harry Gordon Selfridge, the man who changed the face retail by laying the groundwork for what we know today.

Miss Fisher’s Essie Davis can’t get rid of ‘The Babadook’

As if I hadn’t already placed Australian actress Essie Davis on a pedestal awhile back after our brief Q&A preceding the premiere of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, along comes what could perhaps be the best horror flick to come out since William Friedkin’s The Exorcist back in 1973. If it’s in a word, or it’s […]

‘Scott & Bailey’ to make Manchester streets safe again beginning Sept 10

It’s hard to believe that, after only three series, Scott & Bailey was one of the early adopters of the concept of featuring strong female police officers. The series was pretty much the lone-wolf on the telly when it came to showcasing strong female characters in roles that were more complicated and had substance. It […]