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Bill Nighy returning in the Worricker trilogy on PBS this Fall

While there will be the inevitable comparison to the Cornetto Trilogy, the Worricker Trilogy may just have a minor leg up given the greatness of Bill Nighy and Christopher Walken. As we reported earlier this month, The Worricker Trilogy, which began with Page Eight, is set to continue with Bill Nighy reprising his role as […]

‘Sherlock’ tops Captain America’s “to-do” list in the UK

This is beyond cool. After missing nearly 70 years of pop culture due to being frozen in ice, Captain America has a lot of catching up to do. With so much to do and so little time to do it in, the iconic Marvel superhero was going to need a lot of help. We all […]

More Morse on the way as ‘Endeavour’ returns for second series

Shaun Evans (The Take, The Last Weekend) returns in the lead role as young Morse, with Roger Allam (The Thick of It, Parade’s End) as his senior Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, in the second series of Endeavour, the successful crime drama prequel to Inspector Morse.     The new series of Endeavour will comprise 4 […]

Taking a ‘Sherlock’ tribute to new heights

While Downton Abbey parodies have been endless, there have been few spoofs/parodies/tributes to the greatness of Sherlock. One truly brilliant effort was the recent Sherlock: The Musical. As evidenced by the following video tribute, you almost have to be as much of a fan as were series creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. Creators Albert […]

So, you want to be the next Hercule Poirot?

After watching the brilliant Sir David Suchet for the last 25+ years lend his excellence to the creation of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, it would be hard to imagine anyone even attempting to re-create perfection should another Poirot series materialize somewhere, someday. Of course, I said the same thing in the 1980′s when finding it […]

It’s more ‘Death in Paradise’ for the island of Saint-Marie

Pretty soon, they are going to stop calling the quiet little fictional island of Saint-Marie in the Caribbean anything close to paradise. You certainly don’t want to be up for the job of the police department’s lead inspector next time it comes open as they don’t seem to leave the island….well, breathing. You’ll remember that […]

Wallander to return for fourth and final series

Wallander, the police procedural drama series adapted from Swedish novelist Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander novels and starring Sir Kenneth Branagh will return, most likely, to BBC One and PBS in 2015. That’s the brilliant news. The bad news is that the fourth series will be the last according to Branagh.   The three episode fourth […]

Inspector Lewis to return with new episodes!

Normally, when someone retires, it’s time.  In the case of Lewis, there isn’t a mystery fan anywhere that thought it was time when Inspector Robert ‘Robbie’ Lewis ‘retired’ after seven series. That’s why the news out of ITV yesterday was more than welcome news.   Detective Inspector Lewis and Detective Sergeant James Hathaway are coming […]

‘Sherlock 4′ may have a 2016 time stamp on it

***Caution: Sherlock 3 spoilers ahead*** It’s been a whirlwind month both in the UK and America. What fans of brilliant telly (im)patiently waited two years for is now over. What took a mere 12 days to play out on BBC One was stretched to a lengthy 14 days on PBS. Sherlock 3 is done. It’s […]

Dishing Downton & Sherlock and why Sherlock spoils everything!

Well, it’s finally Sunday in the States which means one thing. It must be Downton/Sherlock Day on PBS. Here’s a quick recap of where we are…and then, before you leave us for the telly, take a look at why it wouldn’t be good to have Sherlock watch Breaking Bad with you, or anything else on […]

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