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How Fawlty Towers almost never opened its doors

This gem comes from Shaun Usher over at Letters of Note, a Manchester site dedicated to the seeking out fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos. To the British comedy world, there is none more ‘fascinating’ that this accompanying 1974 memo graphic supplied by Sam Ward. While we knew of this story through several interviews […]

Allo, Allo's Vicki Michelle – Listen very carefully

99% of the time actors and actresses in our favorite British comedies become friends that we “interact” with each week. Like I Love Lucy, we feel like we are a customer at Grace Brothers each week, we live across the street from the Bucket’s, we’re a guest at Fawlty Towers, we have a weekly reservation […]

Former Python, John Cleese, embarks on Alimony Tour

At 71, former Monty Python star, John Cleese, is showing no signs of slowing down. Frankly, he can’t afford to. His upcoming, appropriately titled, Alimony Tour kicks off in 2011 throughout the UK. Admitting that he would rather be reading books, writing or drinking, Cleese, with three exes as of this writing, might find it difficult to […]