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Happy Mother’s Day to Hyacinth Bucket – from your son, Sheridan

Hyacinth Bucket, played brilliantly by Patricia Routledge, has spent a lifetime in our collective homes over the years insisting her surname is pronounced Bouquet. She is pretty much a pompous social-climbing snob. Unbeknownst to most neighbor residents of Blossom Lane, Hyacinth originally came from a very poor working-class background. Her main mission in life is […]

Former Doctor Who companion to head ABC comedy this Fall

If anyone still questions whether or not British situation comedy is better than its’ American counterpart, one only has to look to the list of pilot comedies coming from American broadcast networks this Fall for verification. In a pitch that must have sounded like it came directly from the lips of Buck Henry in The […]

Dad’s Army to get big screen treatment

Captain Mainwaring, Sergeant Wilson and Private Pike are going back on patrol some 37 years after they were last on duty protecting the quiet seaside town of Walmington-on-Sea from a Nazi invasion. Dad’s Army, which starred Arthur Lowe, followed the escapades of the Home Guard platoon during World War II and their efforts as the […]

Nick Frost is Mr. Sloane….that’s Sloane with an ‘e’, like the Square

“Unfortunately, the ’60s didn’t swing for everyone…” Television set in the 60′s these days dials up a pretty high coolness quotient given that, for the most part, our frame of reference is Mad Men or BBC’s The Hour. Mr. Sloane, set in Watford in 1969, however, is at the opposite end of the Earth from […]

Sir Patrick Stewart to tackle American cable news in ‘Blunt Talk’

  Fresh off of a recent stellar performance on Buzzfeed’s edition of The Newlywed Game with Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart has been cast to star in an upcoming Seth MacFarlane sitcom project for premium channel, Starz. In Blunt Talk, Stewart will star as British journalist Walter Blunt who is on a mission to […]

Familiar faces to head upcoming comedy projects beginning tonight!

With so much attention being paid to recent drama greatness such as the Sunday night return of Vera and last nights premiere of Prey starring John Simm, we have been neglecting the strong comedy offerings that are on the horizon starting tonight on BBC One. Over to Bill – tonight on BBC One’s Comedy Playhouse […]

‘Last Night of the Pythons’ to hit the cinema LIVE on July 20

Given that it took about 90 seconds to officially become a sellout at London’s O2 arena, I’m guessing that you were unable to secure tickets to the July 20 performance of The Last Night of Monty Pythons some months back. If so, fear not. Sadly, on July 21, the greatest and most influential comedy troupe […]

A little early (pre-Sherlock) Benedict in ‘Spooks’ and ‘Fortysomething’

For those individuals that thought Sherlock was Benedict Cumberbatch’s first rodeo, we thought it would be fun to revisit some of his pre-Sherlock efforts and see how, when you think about it, he had been preparing for the role of a lifetime all along. Look closely and you’ll see a bit of Sherlock in Benedict […]

‘Mapp and Lucia’ to get re-boot in 2015

2014-2015 looks to be quite an ambitious drama slate for BBC One. Death in Paradise and Call the Midwife will each return for their fourth series in 2015. New commissions will feature two new Agatha Christie adaptations, And Then There Were None and Partners in Crime. Aidan Turner (Being Human, The Hobbit), Eleanor Tomlinson (Death […]

Take a tour of the British Isles in accents

From a drama standpoint, have you ever wondered as you were watching the likes of MI-5, Doc Martin, Scott & Bailey, New Tricks, Case Histories, Call the Midwife, Father Brown or Eastenders how where the show is set will dictate the accents used in the show? How about from a comedy standpoint with Last of […]