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BBC revives Comedy Playhouse with ‘Over to Bill’

This Spring will see two brilliant returns to the telly. Not so coincidentally, brilliance will collide when Doug Naylor’s Over to Bill launches as one of three pilots scheduled for the revival of the BBC’s Comedy Playhouse strand. Comedy Playhouse began in 1961 and ran until 1975 as an anthology series which served as the […]

The Red Dwarf ship – a piece of it, anyway – could be yours!

Make a contribution to Tellyspotting’s sister station KERA, and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing for your very own piece of Red Dwarf history: an autographed piece of the actual Red Dwarf ship (8″ x 3″), signed by Doug Naylor, the creator/writer of Red Dwarf.

Happy 25th Anniversary – Red Dwarf!

15 February is definitely a day to celebrate if you love British telly. Twenty-five years ago on that fateful day in 1988, the creation from the mind palace of Rob Grant and Doug Naylor which introduced the world to the remaining on-board inhabitants of a mining spaceship owned and operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation, […]

Red Dwarf XI? C’mon Dave, you know you want more…

Given some recent comments from creator/writer, Doug Naylor, and several inhabitants of the ‘small rouge one’, it looks like things are leaning decidedly more in favor of another series of Red Dwarf becoming a distinct possibility in the not-too-distant future. Aside from the fact that not only is Naylor keen on making more of the […]

Details: Tickets: Red Dwarf X!

***According to Red Dwarf website and re-tweeted by many, tickets completely gone in 30 minutes*** No denying today is, perhaps, the biggest day in Red Dwarf history, plain and simple. As most know, the upcoming season of RD will be filmed in front of a live audience. Why a big deal, you’re asking at this point? Simple. […]

British comedy scattershooting – Sherlock, Frankenstein, Alan Partridge and more…

Lots to follow-up on with respect to recent posts, comments from the tellyspotting mailbag, rumors swirling around on the Internets and questions from the voices in my head these days. While this might not be the equivalent of Anything You Ever Wanted to Know, hopefully, it will be close to a This May Be All […]

Red Dwarf returns – S10 in 2010?

On the heels of the much-anticipated arrival in America of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth comes a recent cryptic ‘tweet’ from actor Robert Llewellyn (Kryten). In less that 140 characters, Llewellyn reports that scripts for the 10th season of the series, to be written by Doug Naylor, have been commissioned and should begin filming sometime […]