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Post 50th, Doctor Who 8 confirmed for 2014!

Doctor Who 7 is now in everyone’s rear view mirror with the finale airing on BBC One and BBC America this past Saturday. If you haven’t seen last weeks finale to DW7, do not hit play on the video below. That said, once you have, this is so brilliant. Feel free replay over and over […]

The TARDIS lands in Trafalgar Square for Doctor Who 50th filming

After spending the day on Monday filming at the Tower of London, cast and crew of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, including the TARDIS, moved to another historic London landmark on Tuesday, Trafalgar Square. Even though storylines are being kept close to the vest, large crowds gathered to watch the stars of the longest running […]

David Tennant and Billie Piper to return for Doctor Who 50th!

In the true definition of “This just in, it was announced earlier today just hours before tonight’s return of Doctor Who on BBC America, that both David Tennant and Billie Piper (the Doctor’s companion, Rose Tyler) will join current Doctor and companion, Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, in the 50th anniversary special, which begins filming […]

The prequel to Doctor Who 7.2 – what happens before the WiFi goes bad?

It seems that twice, now, there was this girl named Clara Oswald, who shared an adventure with The Doctor. And twice that same girl died, several galaxies and centuries apart. It has been a bit since we last saw The Doctor and curious minds everywhere want to know what the Time Lord has been up […]

Christmas comes early, yet again, for fans of Doctor Who

While it is usually the evil “Black Friday” retailers that will forever shower you with the thought that it’s never to early to think about Christmas, true believers (you know who you are) know full well that it’s time to think about Christmas when the prequel for the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special appears during […]

Suranne Jones: From Scott & Bailey to A Touch of Cloth and back again

While Suranne Jones may not be a name you recognize, I’m guessing most are quite familiar with her work. If not, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do soon as you’re going to be seeing much more of her stellar work on both sides of the pond in the days to come. Since […]

Dame Diana Rigg cast in upcoming episode of Doctor Who

Diana Rigg, the hands down winner of a recent BBC America poll that set out to identify the Sexiest Female British Celebrity of Yesteryear has been cast in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. Rigg became well-known to a worldwide television viewing audience of 1960′s teenagers as Emma Peel, one of the first ‘feminist heroines […]

Doctor Who 'gold' from College Humor

Hard to believe, but there are a few lost souls out there that have not seen or heard of the greatness of Doctor Who. Whether you are part of that small group that, after 48+ years, are still not completely convinced that the series will last and have yet to jump on the TARDIS bandwagon, […]

Matt Smith latest Doctor to trade TARDIS for a Reasonably Priced Car

As spelled out by our Sunday findings from Centives, the TARDIS can be quite expensive when it comes to upkeep and maintenance (about £15 million, to be exact). With the economy continuing to slowly move towards a recovery, even the most current Traveling Time Lord is not immune to a bit of a cutback on […]

Doctor Who – say goodnight, Amy…you too, Rory

Just doing a bit of catch up before the holidays totally engulf everyone, if they haven’t already. Lots of news swirling around the internet as the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special gets ready for transmission on Sunday, 25, December on BBC One. You may have read, maybe not, that Karen Gillian, who plays the current […]

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