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Robert Lindsay and Joanna Lumley head to stage for The Lion in Winter

One of the great treats of being a British television fan is the fact that, at any given moment in time, you can catch a very familiar name or face from your favorite British comedy or drama series on the theatre stage. Whether it be the ultimate of London’s West End or one of the […]

Peter Bowles & Penelope Keith – 'Rivals' once again

In another of our “what are they doing now” features, we had to look no further than the classic Theatre Royal in Bath. Peter Bowles (Richard DeVere) and Penelope Keith (Audrey fforbes-Hamilton) have been reunited once again, this time in the stage production of Sheridan’s The Rivals at the Theatre Royal in Bath. You might […]

Grantleigh Manor gets a 300K pound facelift

The historic gardens featured in the classic British comedy, To the Manor Born, was recently the beneficiary of a 300,000 pound restoration. The Cricket House country mansion in Cricket St Thomas, the instantly recognizable setting from the British comedy that starred Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles and, only recently, turned into a hotel, now has […]

Who's your favorite British comedy couple of all-time?

While we’re all still in the Valentines Day mood, I got to thinking that most, if not all of our collective favorite British comedy series center around couples. Each week viewers have been treated to the ups, downs, challenges, conflicts, tensions and situations where we have either wondered how on earth they got together in […]

The Prisoner – I am NOT a number!

With yet another unsettling American re-make looming on the horizon this Sunday on, as they say, another network, I thought it only fitting to pay tribute to one of the all-time classic series from the 60′s, or for that matter, anytime — THE PRISONER. Created by and starring Patrick McGoohan as No. 6, the series […]