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Behind the Britcom premieres on PBS

Zero hour is here…the PBS premiere of Behind the Britcom: From Script to Screen. I know we’ve been talking about this for awhile, tempting you with some of the early interview footage from the production shoots over the past couple of years. As KERA airs the 2-hour program tonight at 9:00pm, many PBS stations around […]

Behind the Britcom – Penelope Keith on the actor/writer relationship

From Behind the Britcom: From Script to Screen, coming to PBS stations nationwide in March 2011, we continue our look at the making of British comedy while celebrating those that pen the programs that make up one of the most intelligent television genre’s on the planet. Over the course of producing the program, we talked […]

Behind the Britcom – Dawn French on Richard Curtis

Over the next couple of weeks, leading up to the March 2011 PBS premiere of Behind the Britcom: From Script to Screen, our show on paying tribute to the writers of British situation comedy, will, hopefully, give you insight into those writers who’s work has created friends and situations that have come in to your home […]

Behind the Britcom – Casting 101

As we rapidly approach the PBS national premiere of Behind the Britcom: From Script to Screen , which features a look into the minds of the creators of some of the best situation comedy on television anywhere, one thing struck all of us involved in the production of the program besides the known commodity of […]

Rowan Atkinson's gift of laughter on HIS birthday today

Seems odd to celebrate Rowan Atkinson’s birthday given the fact that he’s the one that, along with Richard Curtis, has given us the timeless gift of laughter over the years. We all know about the gifts of Blackadder, Mr. Bean and Inspector Fowler in Thin Blue Line. I remember first seeing Atkinson along with Mel […]

Mr. Bean Christmas Turkey – a public service

With the Christmas holiday approaching like a bullet train, I thought it was more of a public service than just merely fun to show this clip as you prepare the Christmas turkey. As many times as I have watched this classic from Mr. Bean, starring the brilliant Rowan Atkinson, it just never gets old. When […]

Blackadder Christmas Carol – Dickens at his finest?

If you’re a fan of British comedy at any level, you are keenly aware that the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Carol that’s set for Christmas day broadcast in both the UK and the US is not the first adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale that has a British comedy twist. Perhaps the best, and maybe […]

Could the Bishop of Dibley be a possibility?

What was hinted to us on several occasions during our recent interviews with various cast members of the great Vicar of Dibley, received another shot in the arm yesterday when the Vicar, herself, said anything’s possible when it comes to more Vicar of Dibley episodes in the future. As reported by our friends over at […]

Atkinson a spy and Fry is Sherlock Holmes' smarter brother

Two brilliant British comedy stars will be making their way to the big screen in 2011 according to various reports that have been circulating around in the Internet cloud the last several days. One just announced and one in the middle of filming as we speak. James Bond, he’s not Rowan Atkinson returns as the […]

Happy Birthday / Anniversary, Mr. Bean

Sort of combined Happy birthday, Happy anniversary message to an individual who, in all his years on the small screen, barely uttered a word. Mr. Bean, brilliantly played by the genius that is Rowan Atkinson, is celebrating 20 years this year, having premiered on ITV in 1990. Much like the fact that there are only […]