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‘Sherlock 4′ may have a 2016 time stamp on it

***Caution: Sherlock 3 spoilers ahead*** It’s been a whirlwind month both in the UK and America. What fans of brilliant telly (im)patiently waited two years for is now over. What took a mere 12 days to play out on BBC One was stretched to a lengthy 14 days on PBS. Sherlock 3 is done. It’s […]

‘Sherlock 3′: Let’s talk…then, let’s meet Arwel Wyn Jones

As the UK inches closer and closer to that magical ‘do not disturb’ moment on 1 January with the long-awaited premiere of Sherlock, fortunately, there are daily bits and bobs to keep us occupied until broadcast. Following the Christmas Day release of “Many Happy Returns”, the Sherlock prequel mini-episode, comes today’s bit of greatness with […]

PBS to ‘Unlock Sherlock’ on 1.12.14

One week to the day before the long-awaited/highly-anticipated premiere of the new third series of Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery!, PBS will go behind-the-scenes to uncover the genius underlying the modern incarnation of the world’s most famous consulting detective and most-portrayed literary character in the history of the big and small screen, Sherlock Holmes. On Sunday, […]

Giving thanks for ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot’

Maybe it’s because I just can’t let go or maybe it’s because today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and I’m waxing nostalgic about what I’m thankful for. Not quite at the top of the list, but pretty darn high up on the food chain is the last 50 years of Doctor Who. So, thank you […]

Doctor Who 50th mini-episode: The Night of the Doctor

The world is down to mere days before the calendar strikes 23.11.13 and the 50th anniversary broadcast of The Day of the Doctor. With anticipation reaching epic proportions for the worldwide broadcast, several new trailers were released last week to up the ante even further. Now, in true Steven Moffat fashion, comes a mini-episode (minisode, […]

First glimpse of Sherlock 3 as the countdown begins

Ho hum. Another day, another early Christmas present for fans of brilliant telly…. Now that we have thrown a morsel at those patiently waiting for the U.S. premiere of Downton Abbey, we turn our attention to the equally as anticipated return — Sherlock. While there is still very little video out there on the Internets […]

Mark Gatiss. You know him as Mycroft but now as….Joan Crawford?

There are a number of people that I continue to marvel at the endless and varied talents that they possess in the industry. Obviously, Steven Moffat and Benedict Cumberbatch top the list. Hugh Bonneville is brilliant in both Downton Abbey and Twenty Twelve. Dame Judi Dench can bounce from As Time Goes By to the […]

‘Sherlock’ and ‘Doctor Who’ prove Telly is better than Cinema

With a huge ‘tip of the hat’ to the Radio Times… Television is better than cinema, according to Steven Moffat and both Sherlock and Doctor Who prove his point….in pictures. As the RT pointed out, there may be a bit of a vested interest from the current showrunner of both series, but his point is […]

The Full Sherlock…at Comic-Con 2013

Unfortunately, this won’t make life any easier given that Sherlock still probably won’t premiere on the BBC and PBS until 2014, but thanks to the generous folks over at PBS’ Masterpiece series, it’s just about the next best thing unless you happen to re-watch series one and two anytime between now and then. Many have […]

15 yr old fan, Peter Capaldi, named the Twelfth Doctor 40 years later!

When asked if he’d had a short list of Matt Smith replacements, Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat, said: “Yes. The list went ‘Peter Capaldi’. It was a very short list“. Following Sundays live BBC telecast of the announcement heard ’round the world, Moffat added that he had been considering Capaldi for some time and that […]

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