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Be the envy of your neighborhood with a TARDIS fridge and/or helicopter!

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who just around the corner this November, now is the time to begin planning that ultimate, not-to-be missed, Doctor Who anniversary party that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. You can stock up on all you want on Doctor Who action figures, mugs, t-shirts, floating TARDIS’s, or […]

Remembering Dalek designer, Ray Cusick

Ray Cusick joined the BBC as a staff designer in 1960. A name you may or may not have run across over the last 50+ years, but you definitely are familiar with his work. Arguably, his most important contribution was to give form to Terry Nation’s Dalek concept. While the job of designing the Daleks […]

Spare $400 million? Think about buying Downton Abbey!

If you’re in the market for a new home and you’re not interested in downsizing, have I got a deal for you. Maybe the TARDIS is a bit out of your price range at a mere $25 billion and Fawlty Towers is not top of mind given you’re looking for a house, not a job, […]

The TARDIS lands in Trafalgar Square for Doctor Who 50th filming

After spending the day on Monday filming at the Tower of London, cast and crew of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, including the TARDIS, moved to another historic London landmark on Tuesday, Trafalgar Square. Even though storylines are being kept close to the vest, large crowds gathered to watch the stars of the longest running […]

How can you possibly put a pricetag on Fawlty Towers?

Ok, maybe the TARDIS was a bit pricey. But, have you ever wanted to abandon the rat race and chuck it all to buy (and run) a cozy little B & B with a view? Worked for Bob Newhart years ago, why not you? More from the real estate bloggers over at Movoto (based on […]

In the market for the TARDIS as a second home?

Better get our your big boy checkbook…. According to the self-proclaimed crazy novelty bloggers over at Movoto where the lighter side of real estate rears its head every once in awhile, it’s going to cost you anywhere from just a little over $50K to just over $2.5 billion for the likes of the TARDIS as […]

Celebrating the 11 Doctors of Doctor Who…if they were female

The idea of a female Doctor has been tossed about for some time over the years but never really gained any sort of traction until recent years, especially with the regeneration following the David Tennant era as the Tenth Doctor. When the time came to cast the Eleventh Doctor, had the time actually come for […]

Doctor Who 50th: An Adventure in Time and Space begins to take shape

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… Who knew the importance of a simple quote in a 1918 newspaper advertisement for the San Antonio Light in signaling the beginning of one of the most eagerly awaited anniversaries in recent memory? What began as a description for the newspapers pictorial coverage of World War I can […]

Christmas brings evil Snowmen and news that Doctor Who 7 to return April 2013

  Dateline: Christmas Eve 1892. The Doctor, with his new look TARDIS, and new companion Clara return to face the sinister Doctor Simeon (Richard E. Grant) and an army of snowmen. Can’t get any greater, right? Wrong. The special also features Liz White (Life on Mars, The Woman in Black) and Tom Ward (Silent Witness). […]

Red Dwarf X cast tell all just 7 days prior to air in UK

With just a mere seven days to air on Dave in the UK (that’s 168 hours or 10,080 minutes depending on how you are counting down), David Brown from Radio Times sat down recently with the cast of Red Dwarf X in a tell-all exclusive. They talked about getting the band back together after some […]

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