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Equal time request: The 10 best Dr. Watsons

Hopefully, by now, you have been able to select your favorite Sherlock Holmes of all-time. We all know who you selected so, to be clear, you’re in good company if you selected Benedict Cumberbatch. However, it’s been pointed out by several readers that Dr. Watson wants a little equal time. As with the Sherlock rankings, […]

Dear Santa: One Dalek please, maybe two

Move over, Tickle-me Elmo, there could, someday, be a new Christmas-time, have-to-have, toy sheriff in town. Leave it to BBC R&D to come up with something that takes television to an active level that we’ve never seen before, further connecting television broadcast programming with the home environment. No other word for it. This is just […]

All-time best Monty Python sketches. Vote early and often.

You may have heard, recently, that the Pythons will lend their voices to the upcoming film, A Liar’s Autobiography, an animated 3D movie based on the memoir of the late Python member, Graham Chapman, who died in 1989. Chapman’s own voice will be pulled from his original reading of his autobiography of the same name. Interestingly, […]

More on British sitcoms: Class warfare on the horizon?

Working class sitcoms vs. Blue collar comedy. Fawlty Towers vs. Father Ted. The Telegraph vs. The Guardian. No matter what side you’re on in this rather ridiculous issue, what viewers ultimately want is good comedy. While Telegraph readers tend to lean more towards the Conservative Party and a centre-right view, the majority of the Guardian readers […]

Secret Yes Minister memos unearthed

Good writing = longevity in the world of British comedy One can’t help but think of the classics that have stood the test of time such as Fawlty Towers, Blackadder or Monty Python. Excellent writing delivers not only a classic comedy, but one that is also as relevant, or more, today than they were when first […]

20 questions with Richard Briers

One of the greats of British comedy, both stage and small screen, Richard Briers sat down (or, as you can see, maybe a lie down) with the Telegraph recently and gave us a little insight to a personal life beyond the professional life that we all know of in the characters of Tom Good (The […]

Dame Judi Dench rose tops Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

Seems fitting that a rose inspired by the greatness of Dame Judi Dench would top the seller’s list at the end of the first day of this week’s Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The “drama queen” rose, with red and white stripes, is described in The Telegraph as having a “light but descent scent”. Dame […]

Even I can't make this one up….

Seems as though every couple of months we run across the ultimate British comedy collectable. If it wasn’t the Daleks from Doctor Who, it was a church featured in a past Doctor Who episode that was put up for sale. Now comes probably not the ultimate collectable, but perhaps the most oddly interesting collectable from […]

News from (Doctor) Who-ville

Now that the Matt Smith – Karen Gillan era has begun in both the UK and the US, here are some bits and bobs floating around the cosmos regarding the premiere. Intrepid Tellyspotting correspondent, Cindy Lou Who, files this report from (Doctor) Who-ville. Filming Doctor Who has been interesting to say the least according to […]

Cleese puts volcano on its ash

What travel chaos? According to the Telegraph, all you need is a willing Norwegian taxicab and a spare 3,300 pounds($5,053) and you can easily get from Oslo, Norway to Brussels. After that, it’s just an easy Eurostar hop to London. A little volcanic ash wasn’t going to stop the dreaded and feared Basil Fawlty. Citing […]