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Sherlock, Downton Abbey add to already stellar casts

While it’s often been said by those involved both in front of and behind the camera, whether it be comedy or drama, the strength of a supporting or ensemble cast is right up there in setting British television output apart from the rest of the world of telly. Besides the writing, casting is spot on […]

Ben Miller votes himself off the island for new season of Death in Paradise

Even paradise can be hell For two series of BBC One’s Death in Paradise, Ben Miller (Worst Week of My Life, Primeval) was in heaven. Unfortunately, DI Richard Poole, the character that Miller portrays, is in hell. ‘Heaven’ for Miller because the series is filmed on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. “Hell’ for DI Poole […]

The Archbishop, Call the Midwife, The Office and Vicar of Dibley! It’s Red Nose Day 2013 – A look back!

Red Nose Day 2013 has come and gone. On the positive side, the broadcast on 15 March raised more money that ever before in its’ 25 year history. On the downside, the BBC received more complaints that ever before, mostly due to a very funny sketch with Rowan Atkinson as The Archbishop of Canterbury. Unfortunately, […]

Could the Vicar return as The Bishop of Dibley?

Dawn French, on ITV’s Daybreak program, set the British comedy audience ablaze recently when she, once again, didn’t rule out the possibility of getting Richard Curtis’ Vicar of Dibley band back together at some point in the future. Before you set your DVR for the next meeting of the Dibley Town Council, this isn’t the […]

Happy belated birthday, Dawn French

While, unfortunately, a bit belated in our birthday wishes for Dawn French, they are just as sincere as if they would have been sent at 12:01am Thursday morning. One cannot think of Dawn French and birthdays without thinking of the Vicar of Dibley New Years 2005 special which was classic on so many levels. As […]

Death in Paradise II taking Caribbean island by storm

With every passing day, the world of British telly just keeps getting better and better. In addition to our recent mentions of new comedies that are hitting the telly as we speak such as Me & Mrs Jones, Moone Boy and Red Dwarf X, along with the commissioning of new series of established brilliance such […]

In the BBC comedy pipeline – Me & Mrs. Jones

There are but a few times you can point to in your telly watching career where you see a perfect storm on the comedy horizon. That said, unfortunately, the last time I can remember this happening was mid-1993. This is when I first heard of the most recent brainchild from the great Richard Curtis starring […]

Vicar of Dibley – Easter, part 3


Vicar of Dibley – Easter, part 2


Vicar of Dibley – Easter, part 1